Work-life balance. Wanderlust. Wellness. 


These are some of the most popular themes making appearances on blogs and feeds daily. We all have different stories, backgrounds, and beliefs, and dropping the 9-to-5 grind to backpack around the world might not be for everyone.


Connect with yourself, realize your own potential, and the world is yours. 


In order to get anywhere you have to start somewhere. It's easy to get caught up in daily disturbances that can sometimes make you feel like you're treading water or pushing against the current. Believing and committing to yourself is what will keep you moving forward towards accomplishing your goals, and there's no better time to start than the present, right here, right now.


Mindful Marketing 


Adjusting to a new life in a new place can create new sensations, doubts, ideas, and even choices, just as beginning a new project or task for your online presence. There are new customs, foreign tastes, different values, and other factors that can affect your transition. Leave the overwhelm behind and embrace the experience with an mindful marketing


•  Have courage, clarity, contentment, and confidence when emphasizing your brand, product or service.

•  Enhance your intercultural communication and grow your international community.

•  Move forward by being more present and active with your own personal 



Think about it: Would you rather let build a deeper relationship with your clients and community to or be added to their list of distractions? Just as eye-to-eye contact is important in face-to-face communication, so is showing the real person behind the Internet avatar.


Human-to-human connection, positive energy, and collaboration are key, especially when it comes to your digital presence.




Living in Spain, returning to New York, and traveling often between two of my favorite cities, I've tackled homesickness, cultural differences, distractions, and tons of frustrations that come along with living abroad, traveling often, and keeping up with the daily workload.


It's far too easy to get absorbed by all that has to be done, tending to tabs on your browser, and forgetting about what you really need to accomplish instead of actually doing it. Marketing is overwhelming!


"Knowing is knowing. Doing is doing. But knowing is NOT doing."


Mindful marketing coaching will help:


• Better organize and prioritize your time.

• Address what currently makes you feel stuck in your marketing efforts.

• Move your brand forward while opening connections around the world.


It's important for you to disconnect and reconnect with your personal life to become more focused and centered as an individual. Through creating awareness, we'll work together to make lasting and mindful lifestyle changes to live and be a more fulfilled you when it comes to your social media marketing and personal time.


As a seasoned marketer and certified professional coach (CPC) from ICF-accredited Impact Coaching Academy, I'll use my techniques, know-how, and personal experience to help you find success as you define it -- and deserve it. My international coaching practices are sustained via phone, email, and Skype or FaceTime. 


confidence, clarity, courage + contentment in YOUR life