I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my page--and what better way to do so than celebrate its grand debut with a FIRST post!

I'm very blessed to have been able to travel around from a young age, but I've always been a homebody. Embracing my fear of change after college led me across the Atlantic, and I'll never forget my very first international flight--alone--to Madrid; I had a lot to learn besides speaking Spanish...

I remember sitting across from this Spanish glambot, glancing from her designer pumps to my flip flops while she prepared for 7 hours of beauty sleep as I fumbled through the pages of my Merriam-Webster. When the flight was over, I grabbed my over-stuffed tote and headed to baggage claim as esa niña threw her purse on her shoulder and wheeled her goodies right off the plane and out of the airport. To this day I'm still impressed by all those Europeans that go away for weeks at a time with a suitcase smaller than my Delsey carry-on.

Living between Spain and New York meant that international flights became more frequent. Believe you me, I've learned how to travel lighter and pack smarter, and my travel fashion and flair have advanced since my first solo flight. Just like when meeting someone new for the first time, you like to make a good impression, right? Well it's always nice arriving to a new destination--or one you love returning to--with a fresh feeling and a pep in your step.

There will come a time when your bag doesn't show up; delays on the road or in the air mean you won't have time to change before your arrival; wearing any heel isn't exactly the smartest decision when you're physically sprinting between gates. And you'll seriously give yourself a high-5 when you remember you packed those antibacterial wipes!

I wanted to share my finds, photos and flair with you--and occassionly a snack or two thrown in here we are! These opinions are my own, and I'd love to hear about your experiences and perspectives, too.

Explore the site, have a look around-- I'm so excited to start off this new journey with you all.