Atomizer On Arrival

Mary Kay Atomizer
I love me a good reunion at the airport.

It doesn't have to be sensual or lovey-dovey, but I think it's kinda adorable to see people reunite with their loved ones at Arrivals. I find it somewhat romantic, even if there's no romance involved. How about you?

But let's be honest--after a 7+ hour flight, it's nice to freshen up a bit--especially if you're meeting your someone special. A little spritz of your favorite fragrance can go a long way, but with all the rules and regs on what you can and cannot pack, it's not ideal to have all that extra liquid and weight. I used to take the actual bottles of my perfume with me when I went away on vacation.

Ridiculous, I know.

That's where these handy refillable perfume atomizers come in. You can easily fill it up in a snap with your favorite fragrance, and pop it in your purse or carry-on. The one in the photo above is a Mary Kay Refillable Fragrance Atomizer, which you can find for about $15 here. It's a classy little travel piece in gold, topped with a Gatsby-esque tassel cap and complete with a velvet carry case. However, it is a little weighty for light travel--even before being filled with perfume--and you need to keep track of the small plastic fill tube or the atomizer itself becomes another chotsky for your shelf.

travel atomizer
travel atomizer (gold)

What I would aim for is something like Travalo, where it takes only one piece and two steps to smelling fresh as a daisy. It's leak-proof and comes in all these fun colors--and they've got a rollerball version which is perfect for stronger-scented 'fumes.

I've yet to try it, so let me know if this is your go-to brand.

Do you use one (or a few) of these perfume atomizers when traveling? What's your go-to scent?