Weekend Weekender in Williamsburg


If you tell a Manhattanite to meet you there, they grunt with disgust; if you invite a fellow Long Islander to take a nice drive in for some Brooklyn brews, they'll straight up laugh. But once you're there you'll probably have a really great time, albeit you might have to dodge a skateboard or two (¿or this?)

Last summer, a group of friends and I went to spend the day at Smorgasburg and partake in other shenanigans in Kings County, taking the LIRR and transfering at Atlantic Terminal only to find out the L train was running on limited service. Exiting the underground, we then had to hop on a bus to get from one side of BK to the other. Though the commute was a total buzzkill, we had a blast once we arrived (+ were able to take this Clueless-inspired pic!)

Isn't this post about a bag?

Hold your water, I'm getting to it...

I spent last weekend in the heart of the hipsters hanging out at Artists & Fleas with Saako Design. I got to meet some pretty cool people, one of which is a talented photog by the name of Zaza Weissgerber. Not only interesting and artsy, but quite the traveler; she was raised in Munich and Düsseldorf and has friends and family all over the place. When she's on the go, one of her favorite travel pieces is her messenger bag by Chrome Industries.

The brand is known for its duribility, so if you're into outdoorsy activities and prefer a classic look, Chrome is for you. Zaza swears by this bag because it's 100% welded-waterproof, which protects all her stuff in a downpour, plus it has rolltop closure so you can cram anything and everything you need to tote around inside. The Welded Postbag seems like a great compact travel option, too: waterproof with a removable laptop sleeve and guaranteed for life.

Do you prefer smart and sturdy or fancy and fashion-forward travel gear?