You've Got (Snail) Mail

snail mail
Anything in the mail for me today?

Remember when you were young(er) and getting a letter in the mail was the highlight of your day? I would be beyond excited to open the mailbox to see if there was anything addressed to Miss Monica-especially around my birthday-which meant a gift card to grab one of these gems.

(And for those inquiring minds that want to know: yes, they still sell them.)

Rounding 29 years young, I still ask if there's anything in the mail with my name on it, but the only non-electronic mail I get these days are bills and the occassional Insert Important Life Event Here invitation. It'd be more interesting to even receive one of those awful chain letters from the '90s, and you know exactly what I'm talking about: pages of tedious handwriting that you had to send to 14 of your best friends or you'd have 27 years of bad luck and all your teeth would fall out--or something along those lines. Then technology took the reigns and we smartened up and photocopied them. And now it's referred to as spam...and we hate it.

There's a picture floating around the Internet that describes exactly how I felt the other day when I received a tiny package in the mail. It was a box of Twinings with no packets of Earl Gray, rather 2 small bags of delicious artisan loose leaf teas, popcorn kernals, motivational quotes and the sweetest of notes on a bright yellow Post-It from a dear old friend down in Carolina del Norte. A recycled box shipped in recycled brown parcel paper that made its way to me just because.

Post-it direct mail

Cue huge smile and share appropriate quote:

Light tomorrow with today!

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

And snail mail is the way to go. Just because you--as in your person--can't physically travel anywhere, doesn't mean you can't let those good vibes make their way into someone else's world. Your attitude and energy radiates towards everything around you, and if you're feeling good, I say pay it forward.

One of my snail mail faves is the kind you can read and eat. It's called Swallow My Words, and its handmade goodness comes from NYC and travels to wherever your thoughtful little heart desires. You'll definitely get your LOL on reading some of the witty things people come up with + you'll have the opportunity to grab some inspiration from Min's page--she's the HBIC of the yummy creativity--and that's Head BAKER In Charge. She's fabulous and so are her French macarons, dreamy dark chocolate slabs, Baton bars, and on and on and nom nom nom!

Swallow My Words
Swallow My Words

It's perfect for traveling, even if you decide to send something ahead of time (I'm marveled by your planning and productivity skills, if that's the case) instead of toting it along with you on your trip. Snail mail it. It can brighten up your day to know that someone else is thinking of you--even if it's you doing the thinking! Send yourself a sweet pick-me-up for your arrival to get yourself jazzed before that job interview across the country, or start Spring Break on the sweet-side. Hey man, I won't judge.

When was the last time you received something sweet?