Weekend Weekender: Big Buddha

Big Buddha Travel Tote
Size does matter.

Minds out of the gutter, people, I'm talking about this micro bag trend. What can you actually fit in one of those? A credit card, a $20 bill and maybe your chapstick. There are some fun and flashy styles, but seriously--have you seen how teeny-tiny some of them are? I know myself, and it would wind up as a wallet in a bigger bag, without a doubt.

I'm more likely to carry around a bag that's large and in charge anyway, like this one (Note: That bag inside only seems like a micro bag, but it's so much more...stay tuned!) It took me some time to find one I really liked to bounce around with me on my travels, and I will say that Big Buddha has it all, designing their products with the girl on the go in mind.

The brand started out as a small company in Cali and was later acquired by Steve Madden in 2010. They're known for stylish and sassy accessories, and has been featured in some popular fashion publications like Cosmo and Marie Claire. The bags combine animal-friendly materials on the outside and vibrantly printed lining on the inside, with plenty-o-pockets to fit anything and everything you can think of. (Fun fact: I filled it with a pretty grande memory foam pillow to snap a couple shots of it and there was still plenty of space for more stuff!)

Big Buddha + Pinch Purse

The tote is ideal for travel, but it's most definitely suitable for running every day errands, too. The model that you see here was a Marshalls find--a steal, if I may--and unfortunately has been discontinued. But I've done a little research for you, friends, and their latest collection has quite a few gems, like the the Brynn. Just as versatile and trendy, it happens to be a best seller and a Big Buddha team favorite. They also have a couple of those teeny-tiny things for all you go-getters and trendsetters.

Thoughts on this: travel tote vs every day bag?

Though mindfulness doesn't exactly go hand-in-hand when it comes to handbag purchases, I felt like throwing in a quote from Buddha to end the weekend and welcome the coming week:

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future;

concentrate the mind on the present moment.

Make it a good one!

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