These Flats Were Made For Walkin'

Cause when I look down

I just miss all the good stuff

When I look up

I just trip over things

Well, everything in moderation: watch where you're going so you're not bumping into everyone (Read: Stop texting and walking, por favor) and take a gander at what's below every now and then. After all, NYC does have some pretty great street art. Problem solved, Ms. DiFranco.

As for picking and choosing your Spring wardrobe, joke's on you if you're in NY. I left the Barclays Center Tuesday night only to find white flakes raining down onto the streets of Brooklyn. Welp, we all thought Winter was so last season, yet it seems like it just doesn't want to go away. April Showers bring cold scowls. (No one ever said I was a poet...)

Wonky weather or not, I'm ready to embrace the Spring sunshine and the new flair that comes along with it, and I'm pretty confident that the pointy-toe flat trend is the go-to for days when you need to make a quick change. It's a versatile shoe, allowing you to dress-up or dress-down an outfit, and if you grab a pair in a neutral color with an exposed center--like the ones you see in the photo and can purchase here--you'll be set. My bestie is not a fan, but I happen to think they're both stylish and smart; and because I can throw them in a bag and slip 'em on wherever + whenever, I say go for it.

Kick off them tacones and let your hair down, girl.

It's a classic pump-like look minus the heel, and I'd imagine they're a lot easier to sprint in when you're running late to the departure gate. I'll let you know how that goes when I get to the airport in a couple of weeks, but definitely keep checking in until then because there are some pretty neat posts and giveaways coming your way!

What's your take on the pointy-toe flat? Pointed-toe flat? Remove the hyphens? Ehhh...

Different strokes for different folks...and to keep you present + mindful of this:

People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness.

Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.

Dalai Lama XIV