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The Daily Good
Although traveling definitely has its perks, it can sometimes put a dent into your daily routine--especially when it comes to eating right. I mean, it's hard enough when you're outside of your own zip code, let alone when you're in another country.

What's my issue? Greens. I don't get enough of 'em when I'm away from home, most likely because I try to dive right into local culinary creations at my destination, which is usually towards Oppositeville of the Raw Food Revolution (Read: no salads, spinach sautées, etc.). And to be honest--no offense to any of the airlines trying to up-the-anty on their menus--but your nutrition levels are at their lowest when flying. You're not only dehydrated because of the change in cabin pressure, but you're more than likely going to be served a pile of processed product when you're up in the air. (TIP: Ask for a VEGAN or vegetarian meal, if the option is available when booking your flight.)

Well, say ALOHA to the newest addition to my travel bag: The Daily Good. It's a nutritent-dense formula of 14 whole foods that purify, cleanse and detoxify your system, and it's all packed into little envelopes of 40-calorie servings. Now before you say NO THANKS to the list of superfoods in this green powdery goodness, you have to take a look at all the benefits these power packs punch:

  • Hydrates

  • Builds collagen and elastin, improving and firming skin

  • Aids in balancing weight

  • Supports muscles, joints and beneficial for bones

It's definitely going to give your immune system that extra oomph to get through the change in weather--or the guy hacking up his left lung on your 8-hour flight. (Hombre, cover your boca, for real!) It's easy to tote around + isn't time-consuming to prepare; I had my green cocktail for breakfast on my flight with a pineapple juice/water concoction. The company is also into mindfulness, so much so they're even mindful of the packaging of the pocket-sized pouches: everything comes from recycled materials--down to the ink--and they encourage you to reuse them. It's said to improve cognitive health + boost your mood. What's not to love? Seriously. Tell me.

Dried Green Juice
Happy: ALOHA


Get over it, and don't knock it 'til you try it. They're giving away a FREE 7-day trial of The Daily Good that'll be shipped directly to you (the shipping isn't included). You can grab your pack here, and leave your comments below--I'd love to hear your opinion.

Cheers to good health!