Traveling in a Pinch

Pinch Provisions: Minimergency Kit
Ever pack your bag thinking it's fully-stocked with all the essentials, only to later realize that you forgot the one thing you could have used at that exact moment that you need to be using it?

Let's get real here: we can't possibly fit every•single•thing we need into a bag when we're out-and-about, especially if you're rocking this new trend. (I still don't get it.) For instance, I have not one, but THREE toiletry bags, packed and ready to go for any upcoming travel(s). It wasn't until Pinch Provisions came to the rescue to gave me both trends + beauty friends to save my culito when, well...when I'm in a pinch!

What are they exactly? Besides your new go-to purse of all-things-essential, they're small personal care kits that come in an assortment of styles, colors and sizes, compact + packed with some resourceful items for when you're away from home. Things like: hairspray, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, earring backs, clear elastics, bobby pins, safety pin, mending kit, Shemergency® tape, deodorant towelette, breath freshener, dental floss, facial tissue, blotting tissues and a built-in mirror...are only a few of the goodies you'll find inside.

Pinch Provisions
Minimergency Kit

Though not meant for long travels, they do make awesome gifts--I happen to be the proud owner-turned-brand ambassador of 2 (+ counting...) of them, and I highly recommend these kits for bridal parties + for the fellas (for a HEMERGENCY). You can even buy replacement essentials for each bag....

No pinching necessary; you're not dreaming.

Awhile back, I was talking about one of my favorite + super-roomy travel totes, and guess what was inside? A SKINNY MINIMERGENCY KIT from the J. Crew collection + the latest giveaway on #FlairCode!

All you've gotta do is head on over to the Giveaway page +/or follow me on Instagram to find out what you need to do to be in it to win it.