App Chat: The Dog Days of Summer


The dog days are not in the least over, Florence!

They've only just begun as the temp is heating up and Summer is in full-swing on the East Coast--though I can't say the same for the cities from my most recent travels. I was hanging in San Francisco with the masterminds behind events and all things fun over at the Eventbrite HQ, then cruised over the Golden Gate to Sausalito for some café.

And it wasn't all about la playa + the outdoors in Fort Lauderdale the week prior, either: I bounced between hiding from a searing sun or a taking shelter from a monsoon while visiting my hermanito and the first-class staff of Rising Tide Car Wash. They are so much more than your typical wash + wax, I'm serious. If you haven't heard their story, you can read up about 'em here---or ask Bobby DeNiro, he knows they're legit.

Microclimates and all other weather chat aside, I've got a new addition to the site: APP CHAT. (We are living in a digital world, and I'm trying to be a digital girl.) Being part of the #eventtech scene, I've got a list of great apps in mind to share with you all, from lifestyle to travel and a few randoms thrown in here + there.

Besides soaking up the sunshine and upping my Vitamin D intake, I like to spend time with this little lady when I can, and well, there's an app for that and it's called WoofTrax. The developers behind it were inspired by dog and human bonding through exercise, so they've produced an app that not only tracks your walks with your pooch--or, umm, this--but doubles as a fundraising tool for animal shelters + rescues in your area!


Simply download the app to your phone, fill out the profile info + choose a shelter or rescue center, then leash-up your pet and you're good to go. Every mile you walk, they make a donation to a shelter or rescue that you choose.


Image via WoofTrax

So, so cool.

I tried to take Roxy here and pull off one of these, but it turned out more like this instead:


Then she just started Vogue-ing...


Stay hydrated + get outside when the ground is cool enough for your pal's paws, friends!

How many miles do you think can you go in a week?