Save Room for Souvenirs


Lazy Summer days? I think not!

Summertime is meant for outdoor fun, and there's always something to do + somewhere we "need" to be. We flit around from office to beach to dinner with friends, and many of you lucky ducks out there use your vacation time to get your travel on.

Pashminas + shawls like these are the typical go-tos for travel, saving room in our luggage for the essentials and extra goodies. Mixing + matching clothes is also a great space-saving option, but convertible garments are quickly taking over the spotlight. One brand in particular is has created 30 styles for their clients using only ONE PIECE of material: Hipknoties.

I got to e-meet Sarah, the creator of Hipknoties, an inspiring and empowering woman herself. She designed the line for the trendy gal who digs versatility + innovation: the travel wear can be worn as a tunic/sheath/halter/one-shoulder top/skirt/and thensome, made to be styled with simplicity. She says that throwing an outfit together with one Hipknoties is just as quick and easy as putting your hair up in a ponytail, and the light-weight material and layer-ability allows the piece to adapt to varying temps, making it perfect for sightseeing.

Made in the US-of-A, the line is now available for pre-sale over at, but if you're looking for inspiration or How-Tos for the multi-way trend, style tips are available 24/ 7 online and on their mobile app. You could always check out their Insta and see how the fashionably-functional clothing is being worn by ladies all over the globe, too.

And when you're not using this app with your furry friend, you can sport your Hipknoties like this duo:

...depending on the size of your walking buddy, of course!

What do you think your favorite Hipknoties look will be? I, myself, am interested in the Bamboo Hipknotie, made of sustainable fabric...but I can't decide on a color just yet. You go on ahead and have a look at their website...and take $10 off your order while you're at it!