Wellness Chat: Water Infusion

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Halfway through Summer already and trying to take advantage of what's left of the long days of sunlight, the firefly glow that dots the horizon after dusk, and feeling more in sync with nature. It's also that time of year when the heat can really get to you, and it's nice to cool down with a tasty beverage---on a rooftop, strung with brilliant white lights, complete with panoramic views. Hey, treat yourself every now and then!

Being mindful of keeping cool and hydrated is pretty important to beat the heat, and that means you ought to up the H20 intake. I don't happen to mind a refreshing glass of some cold, crisp (what my abuelita refers to as) City Gin, but some of you like to jazz up your aguita. I'm sure you've Pinterest'ed a few of these homemade fruit infused water ideas, too.

What about adding a little "zing" to your thirst-quencher of choice? I wanted to see how I could reap some infused water benefits, so I grabbed one of these AquaZingers a couple of months ago. No surprise that I love it: the water bursts with flavor from all-natural ingredients. plus it stays cold + refreshing inside the stainless steel tumbler.

Image via Zing Anything

The infusions are simple: Unscrew the bottom, add the fruits/herbs of your choice, close it back up, fill the 20-ounce bottle with water, then twist the bottom-mounted grinder to release the pure extracted flavors into the liquid and give it a shake. That's that. Try it with seltzer and a gentle roll (to avoid shaking the bubbles out) if you're feelin' fancy, or maybe even another liquid of your choice--judgement-free zone over here--but the VodkaZinger might be a better option. Yep, there's one for your summer vodka infusions that can be filled with any spirit, and they've also got a "Zinger" for salad, too.

Images via Zing Anything

Strawberry-lemon-mint is a great way to get your Vitamin C game on, pump-up on antioxidants and protect your skin from those summer rays.

Just sayin'.

For under $30, you can mix and match flavors in your own home by choosing one of four colors the bottles come in. I've got the sport cap version that's perfect for travel (ojo: not a great idea for the airport, unless it goes into your checked luggage), and easy to clean.

And...Zing Anything has been so kind and I'm paying it forward to you: I'll be giving away an AquaZinger (in Blue) right here on #FlairCode. Check out the Facebook page for the deets*!

Stay hydrated, Friends!


*Giveaway open to NY State residents only.