App Chat: Always Wear Sunscreen

A bittersweet ending to Summer 2014.

It's sad to see the warm weather go, but it's nice to welcome September and the crisp fall air here in the Northeast. I haven't had much time at the beach this year, and I'm not about to let Labor Day Weekend pass by without visiting Long Island's rocky north + sandy south shores.

If you're out in the sun, it's important to take care of your skin. Staying hydrated is one that I've mentioned, but here's another important one: sunscreen. It's common to sloppily apply it in streaks, sometimes forgetting to reapply, or even allowing it to slip your mind completely and you don't wear any at all.

No bueno.

UV rays can damage your skin and overtime this damage can build up and lead to complications. You though, friends, have a bit of suerte on your side--there's an app for taking better care of your own personal wellness.

The Sunscreen App iTunes offers was developed by creators Bring-It-Together, and comes complete with a sunbathing timer, alarm and comprehensive sunbathing guidelines. Using the the interactive UV Map forecast--that's localized to your area--log the UV Index, then select the SPF you're using and your skin type: I (fair skin), II (slight tanner), III (moderate tanner) or IV (quick to tan), based on the descriptions conveniently listed in the Instructions tab.

Sunscreen App iTunes

Image via iTunes

Bookmark towns and cities that you frequently have fun in the sun in, and select the day you want to automatically set the UVI value in the main view. Then all you have to do is hit PLAY to start the countdown to your reapplication, but do consider reading through the section detailing the UVI categories to learn more about how to avoid sun damage.


"Always wear sunscreen" lyrics from that Baz Luhrmann song popping into your head? Here's a great line to take with you this weekend:

Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle.

So spray on your protector solar, sink them toes into the sand, and enjoy that warm ocean breeze.

Be safe, stay healthy and Happy Labor Day Weekend!


*The author--nor any affiliate of this article or site--will not be held responsible for any damage or illness resulting from sun exposure. This post is strictly based on opinion and does not suggest the prevention of any risks or complications associated with UV ray exposure.