Chew On This: Road Trip Snacks


The holidays are associated with sweet treats that we may or may not (Read: definitely) have overindulged in over the course of the last month or so. Let the new year resolutions commence!

Eating better? Exercising more? I happen to like Vogue's alternative perspective when it comes to really going for the gusto in el año nuevo, though most are opting for the "classic" trio: health, wellness, and fitness. But getting back into the swing of things doesn't necessarily mean depriving yourself of all-things-tasty, rather being more mindful of what you're noshing on.

I've had this somewhat strange infatuation with everything peppermint, and it started way before the candy canes and Peppermint Mochas made their retail debut. It all began in last summer after a yoga class, where taking in the aroma of a peppermint essential oil later led to some DIY perfume oil projects, large consumptions of peppermint tea, and then a random purchase of Chimes Peppermint Ginger Chews.

And, whoa--wipe off that face of distaste and hear me out, 'cause these are going to be your post-holiday season go-tos.

Ginger chews that started as a local Indonesian treat quickly grew internationally, and Chimes uses the most potent ginger as the stellar protagonist of its gourmet treats, drawing the attention of major publications like Food & Wine and InStyle Magazine. Though I'm a true believer in all the benefits of peppermint, I was averted from a minty overload thanks to the folks at Chimes, who were kind enough to offer me a few other options: Orange Citrus, Tropical Mango, Peanut Butter, and Original Ginger flavor.


I keep the additive and preservative-free candies in my bag, especially when traveling; they're perfect to calm a digesting tummy* and ideal to have on hand when your sweet tooth calls. Vegan and gluten-free for the Twisted Lotus ladies, and just the slightest of peppery-sweetness to satiate the 7-11 King of Chinstands himself, the Chimes Ginger Chews are yogi friends-approved, too.

Not exactly a gingersnap or gingerbread cookie but a spicy-sweet little experience, and they're around $5--less if you score a bag at Home Goods. Give the all-natural stone-ground goodies a try by picking up a packet or collectable tin at a vendor near you.

What flavor do you fancy?

Images courtesy of Chimes Gourmet

*Disclaimer: The nutrition facts and benefits listed are not assessed by the FDA. These opinions are solely based on that of the author and information provided by the company.