NYFW + Travel Style: Go Comb

Looking for some new hairstyle inspiration for the new year? Lucky for you, New York Fashion Week 2015 is quickly approaching, finishing each runway look with the choicest hairstyles for Spring.

And this girl needs a haircut. Ahora mismo.

I always wind up getting the same 'do, but whether I keep it long and luscious or chop it to pieces, it'll always look a little funky after an 8-hour flight--especially after a vinyasa class with this guy. Bringing a bulky brush along for every day use isn't ideal, and it's simply not practical when you're scheduled for four international flights in three weeks.

Well, no more big bristles or clunky compacts for me because I've found this handmade travel gem, (which could also be your Valentine's Day detalle), the Go Comb.


Image via Go Comb

Based out of Brooklyn and created by designer + marketer Heather Burkman--who's a doll, I might add--it's a small, thin comb the size of a credit card that slips into your wallet or purse compartment with ease. Sturdy stainless steel, mirrored metal, pine or plastic (which are made locally in BK), there's a variety of styles and designs to choose from.

Seems that combing is actually a gentler way to healthier hair, and has a number of other benefits, plus it tackles any tangle no matter the hair type. Fabuloso all around!


Customized combs are available and you can order them in packs, so they'd be the perfect addition to a bridal party swag bag or as a gift. Each of the handsome gents in my life have one, not as glam as mine, but fitting for each fella's gusto.

Sleek, simple to store, and somewhat trending, wear it as Spring accessory for a mixed material look similar to this one from Lanvin's runway:


Image courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

Keep a look out on out my Insta next week to see a pic or two of the new accessory, and choose your own from Heather's shop here.

Wishing you a knot-free commute!