From FOMO to JOMO: 4 Ways to Meet in the Middle

In the age of wanderlust and all-things-digital it's sometimes hard to disconnect completely. For those that do unplug, it's easy to get sucked into a sluggish routine when in "off-mode," only to continuously repeat a cycle of kickstarting yourself from 0 to 60 > burn out > veg out > and repeat.

I know when I'm in either New York or Spain for a good stretch of time, I often get "Oh, you'll be here for awhile then, great!" to which I reply, "Yeah! There's plenty of time." What happens with of "all the time" I have? Enter in JOMO: the Joy of Missing Out. I become perfectly content hanging in, on the sofa, with my dog, and before I know it I'm packing my bags to leave again.

And as much as I try not to plan my trips to a T, short stays usually fill up with things to do, people to see, activities to try, and then I'm squeezing in a café with a dear friend seconds before boarding a plane.

Having work-life balance is ideal to avoid the hard turns between JOMO and FOMO, but it's just as wise to create an equilibrium between the two. Everyone is different -- you ought to do what feels right for you -- but here are four suggestions to keep in mind if you ever feel like you're heading towards an extreme and need a little balance.


1. It's OK to say NO

A sure-fire way of preventing you from exhaustion, but also a one-way ticket to Procrastinationville. Though it is empowering to say, and puts you in control of your own life, it's good to also steer clear of passing on everything. Say NO to completely dropping off the face of the planet, too. (Guilty as charged over here!)

Give yourself the opportunity to see and experience new places -- other than the inside of the four walls where you spend the majority of your "missing out".

2. Reset

I think about when I used to wait tables. After being "in the weeds" for a bit, there would come a point where a zen-like feeling would take over: my brain would shut down completely to a point where I couldn't think of what I was doing or what I had to do. I'd have to reset and regroup to get everything back in order.

When you're all over the place, you'll need some grounding, but becoming too grounded welcomes the mundane, where you'll need an energy boost. Tried-and-true way to go about it?

Breathe > Center > Orient > Ground.

3. Weigh out your options

Put aside the dinero factor for a second because in reality, your time is the most valuable thing you've got.

You're the only one that can best determine how to spend your time and money. And if you're unsure more often than not, there are some great people to accompany you on your way towards making a decision.

4. Be accepting

For awhile I felt really stuck, like I couldn't go anywhere or do anything other than work obligatory events. The freer I began to feel, the more I wanted to do, which put me in a frenzy of making lists and trying to GTD everything, all the time. Explaining the meaning behind FOMO and JOMO to my amorcito, he replied with "Oh. JOMO-FOMO. Yin-Yang. No?" Efectivamente.

Just like everything in life, you need a balance between both. And rather than having "fear," channel that anxiousness into motivation -- while being aware of your own limits, values, and what you feel is best for you.


The main idea? Be more mindful of your personal happiness, and validate your own desires and achievements without worrying about keeping up with everybody else.